Sunday, September 29, 2013

Frequencies Sound Vibration and CHANGE


I often consider what it has taken for an individual to get to a place where they seek out help from a therapist. It is an incredibly brave step because facing your inner Self and making changes in the way you view the world from within can be a lot of work, and be hard!
In my art therapy practice I often use an analogy about sand and how it changes when sound shifts. This was something I read years ago, and wish I still knew the source as I think it is so brilliant. 
If you place sand in a beaker and put sound to it, the sand forms a pattern on the bottom of the beaker. If you shift the sound the pattern changes. There are some key moments within the shift where the sand forms no-pattern. No thing. Those are the same kind of moments in Life (and in therapy) where you experience some change in self understanding. It makes what you were doing in the past....even the moment earlier...seem null and void. Change must happen. You don't feel the same anymore because you now believe a new something. 
The times I have experienced this myself have often involved tears and sorrow as I see how erroneous my perception was and what I had to let go of! It does not always feel good because it doesn't feel safe, and because we fall into judging ourselves for what we didn't know! What you knew was not working for you, but it was what you knew! Suddenly your future behaviours are in doubt, your 'safety net' feels gone, and you experience FEAR! As we all know fear has physical (visceral) responses in your body! Anxiety, nausea, indigestion, depression to name a few. Many of us judge ourselves for what we didn't know.
Here is where this sand analogy comes in. Watching this video will illustrate it beautifully! Whenever Change becomes obvious remind yourself that you, like the sand, are about to form a new pattern! No need to judge one pattern from another....just different. Because you are growing...evolving! That's a life well lived! Ultimately be excited! The next pattern will be just that much more exciting and beautiful. Perfect in its own way. Until the next change is revealed and another shift will happen. Once you can view life experiences in this more dispassionate way the more comfortable you can become in your own body. Then the fun can really begin!

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