Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today I was reading Parvati's blog and this excerpt really meant something to me:

"This Remembrance Day, contemplate how you invite peace into your life in even the smallest of things: offering your seat to someone on the bus; choosing not to react when someone pushes your buttons; courageously following your deepest joys… Peace is a choice based on remembering your true nature. You are a divine child of the Earth. We are all connected as One Earth Family."
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Although I have my eye on the end-goal of Buddha-mind (:)) where all is acknowledged as Divine; no good, no bad; I am not there yet and find that others DO 'push my buttons'. My reactions can vary from ungracious to (mostly) internalizing my reaction and letting it feel terrible within! But Parvati points out that you have a CHOICE! "Choose not to react" is a big change of mind. Not as easy to do as it is to write about. 

THIS is where my art journal comes in very handy to deal with my internalized angst/ anguish/ name the emotion of the time. Just an energy sketch one day, or a intricate work another I find giving myself some time to process 'stuff' in my art journal allows my ego-mind to turn off and I feel peaceful. For me this is where Peace begins. From within. Making a choice.

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    Having participated in art psychotherapy myself for many years I can tell of the benefits it has brought to my life. Free expression of past experiences and indulging into the creative world has allowed me to explore my sub conscious of hidden trauma. A three way relationship between myself, art and therapist has created an affinity which has drawn upon my emotions.

    It should not be confused with occupational therapy, nor should it be perceived as a leisurely art session as this would be far from the truth. Art Psychotherapy has brought to light life experiences that have chipped away at the epicentre of the underlying causes having laid hidden for many years.
    It has not been an easy journey, but one of determination and strength.

    My early experiences in art psychotherapy were incredibly difficult. Trust was at an all time low and I perceived my world as a dark and isolated place. It was difficult to explain my inner turmoil so I let the art do the talking. I must have spent a whole year marking art and with the utterance of few words I eventually began to find the confidence to engage with my images and began to talk about them. This would never have happened had I engaged in talking therapy alone. Of course I also give credit to an excellent therapist!

    Yet it saddens me to learn that psychological services are being cut in many hospitals to what I thought was due to a lack of funding. At Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust, it seems I have been very misled into thinking this is the case. Having over heard a conversation between NHS staff, art psychotherapy has been branded "...a waste of money ..." Now I know the real reason and the truth behind the decisions to rid of a valuable therapy that has benefited so many people over the years.

    Make mental health-care as diverse as physical health. Together we can change attitudes to bring about change!

    Please sign and share my petition at


    Thank you!