Thursday, June 14, 2012

Art Therapy and the Sound of Silence

For people working one-on-one with an art therapist the most profound
art pieces allow them to face a situation from a new perspective. These
are the paintings created from somewhere deep in the emotional body.

Clients often come in to the therapy room with a story to tell and with a
 therapist's suggestion it segues into art-making and images emerge.

Sometimes newer clients require a small directive (how about you as a
tree?) but there is so much their Inner Selves wish to communicate, we just
have to allow for that opportunity. 

I would say that this is the stumbling place for new therapists. In order 
to give creativity some space there may well be times of silence and uncertainty. 
As a community we're not used to that - give us noise, speed and a measure of chaos!

Waiting for inspiration can be painful, unless you are confident (art therapist's job) that
something will arise. Trusting the quiet moments of no movement can lead 
to inspired creativity and personal growth. 

Cookie-cutter activities may soothe and entertain, but art therapy experiences can be transformative!